As established in 2010 in the United States and South Korea, we are an extreme-grade outdoor display R&D and manufacturing company, founded upon the Silicon Valley engineering and Operations as our core resources and expertise in order to develop the most robust and the most weatherproof commercial and residential displays the global market has ever seen.  In addition, we offer full-scale CMS (Content Management System) services, affording users such essential capabilities as display self-diagnostics monitoring, remote accessibility and controllability at real time.

Unlike some manufacturers and resellers falsely claiming to be IP65/67/68 rated, we are an officially UL-Certified waterproof and weatherproof display R&D and manufacturing entity for our proprietary "sealing" technologies @ IP65/67/68 ratings since 2011.

We are not a reseller (private-labeling 3rd party products), nor a wholesale or distribution channel (carrying 3rd party products). Our R&D and manufacturing are 100% done in South Korea, using parts and components 100% designed and produced in South Korea.  We do not use materials produced by entities in China or any other nations.



DISNEY MARVEL AVENGERS Immersive Digital Experiences Worldwide, Las Vegas Hotel-Casinos, World's First 3-Sided LCD Digital Taxi Top Displays, World's Largest and Brightest Digital Drive-Thru Menu Displays, ANHEUSER BUSCH & PGA TOUR (Outdoor Waterproof Interactive KIOSKs), NHRA and NASCAR TRACKS (Outdoor KIOSKs), NFL Stadiums (Outdoor Displays and KIOSKs), European Cruise Ships (Corrosion-Free Waterproof On-Deck HD Displays), Seaside Waterfront Stores in Japan (Corrosion-Free Salt-Waterproof HD Displays), Shopping Malls & Department Stores in Korea and Japan, Global Hospitality Groups (STARWOOD: Sheraton and Westin) - Waterproof Bathroom/Shower HDTVs, etc.